Get The Freight Out! (GTFO!)

Just what the  F… heck is GTFO?

Get The Freight Out! is a cleverly named game for people that like to ply the SecondLife grid in planes, boats and trucks. The core principal, as in most commercial sims, is to get a thing to place, and get paid for it. There are few different ways to get things to places. 

  • It’s a Shipping / Freight Hauling Game!
    Even with a two-seater plane or rowboat, you can make a little virtual scratch hauling freight across SL.
    Discover parts of SL you never knew of as you keep the flow of commerce going!
  • It’s a Trading Game
    You played open-universe space games (Elite, Trade Wards, Etc)? Where you buy Commodity X and sell it a Station Y for Z profit? This is like that. exploration and cunning will get you far.
  • It’s a Smuggling Game
    Yep. You keep asking for it. One type of delivery is “air drop”, where you will be flying over a target sim (not an airport or dock) and dropping cargo.

How GTFO! Works:

  1. Visit a GTFO! Hub Region (airport, dirt strip, marina, etc) with a GTFO-enabled vehicle (see the Vehicles page)
  2. Get a Job from the Hub
    There a some options for jobs, but all of them boil down to “get this stuff to this place, by this time”.
    Note: buy these jobs costs you G$, our virtual currency, but you’ll get a starting balance to play with.

    • Courier or Freight Haul Job
      Other companies want you to move their stuff, to x hub, by x time. Get it there.
    • Air Drop Job (available to select planes only)
      Fly to (x) sim and literally chuck the cargo out of the plane.
    • Trade Job
      You buy a commodity from a hub (ie: Grain). You then take it to another hub and sell it for profit before the product expires.
  3. Deliver The Job
    Travel to the destination.

    • Air drop jobs are auto-completed by flying over the target area.
    • Freight Haul jobs are completed when you deliver the goods (may require parking)
    • Trade Jobs are manually completed when you sell the goods.
  4. Get Paid
    You get paid in ‘Goal’ (G$), our virtual game currency.
    You use G$ to buy jobs, and work your way up to bigger jobs.
    Note: Failure to complete jobs costs you the amount you paid. It is possible to run out of money by accepting and failing jobs.
    If this happens, you’ll be able to make up for it with low-grade jobs that don’t pay well but still earn.