Frequent Questions


Why does the starter kit cost money?
Because the game took time to develop and I have server time, rent, etc to pay for.
We now run a patreon to pay for server costs so that wont have to charge more.

If I run out of game money, what do I do?
You can never get below G$100, which should let you buy some Bulk Jobs, which are only 1% Escrow. You can rebuild from that.

Are there ‘upgrades’ or ‘evil microtransactions’?
After recent events with AAA games…. not anymore.

What the differences between the Freebie vs Paid version?

FunctionFreebiePaid (L$699)
ProgressionLimited to Level 5Unlimited
Distance BonusesNoBonuses for long range jobs.
CapacityHalf of Vehicle Spec (Lowers Payments)Per Vehicle Spec
LocationsAll Applicable To VehicleAll Applicable To Vehicle
Job TypesCourier, Freight, Bulk OnlyCourier, Freight, Air Drop, Bulk Jobs, Heavy Loads

Freight Units (FU) In Numbers

How much (x) container with in Freight Units (FU).

ContainerFreight UnitsComments
Courier Package1Courier Packages get a bonus because of low capacity, high priority deliveries.
Package1A Duffle Handbag
Base Size: <0.6, 0.3, 0.36>
Crates / Barrels5Common Freight Type
Crate: <0.76, 0.76, 0.76>
Barrel: <0.59, 0.59, 0.82>
Pallet*20*See: C-1x0 Planes
Heavy Crate200Gigantic Crates like the ones used on the Bandit Luxe
Barrel Pallet2409 MBGN Barrels
<2.95, 2.95, 1.35>
Crate Pallet280
8 MBGN Crates On a Pallet
<2.97, 2.97, 2.47>
Airbox*380*For the 737 and 757s
Quadtainer (10 Ft)300Small Squarish Modularized Connex
Base Size: <3.29 2.925 3.1>
Halftainer (20 Ft)600Half-Size Modularized Connex
Base Size: <6.058 2.925 3.1>
Container (40 Ft)1200Full Size Modularized Connex
Base Size <12.2, 2.9, 3.1>
Standard Heavy Industry Ton*
(Bulk Load)
1200*Shipped Held In Tanks (SHIT) Tons are uncontainerized bulk loads such as grain, ore, sea salt, or liquids like oil, butthurt ointment, tears.
Note that FU amount does ≠ shipping price.
* = Virtual (Not In Container Packages)

Game Mechanics:

Do we level up or gain experience?
Yes. When you complete a job you get experience points and gain levels.
When you level up, you’ll be given access to more types of jobs, better margins, and maybe prizes.

Can I progress as fast with a small vehicle as I can with a big one?
Yes.  XP and Level progress are based on jobs completed and distance travelled.
You’ll end up making more with big planes but it’s not a money game.

What if SL eats my plane/boat on a bad border crossing or I end up on the next estate code or something?
Relog, re-rez vehicle, continue.  You may take a small penalty for this but at least it’s delivered.

Can I take jobs that go to non-linked SL continents or private isolated sims?
Not with vehicles.
When we expand to on-foot delivery, maybe.

What’s the different between ‘Courier’ and ‘Freight’ Jobs
Courier Jobs are for low-capacity vehicles that can reach more ‘remote’ locations like dirt strips, shorelines, etc. They make a little more money per package.
Freight Jobs are for large capacity vehicles that haul alot of cargo, even if that cargo is small packages.

So large vehicles earn more money per trip than tiny vehicles, and does this cause a ‘balance’ problem?
A barge or 727 will carry tons more than a bush plane. They cost more to run but earn more money. It’s not balance, it’s “real”.

Is there a ‘fuel’ system in game that will crash the plane when I run dry?
No. Fuel is factored into the ‘overhead’ operating costs. The game assumes you know how to keep your vehicle fueled.

What is ‘overhead’ cost and why is it a thing?
Vehicles cost money to operate weather flying or sailing. Your costs will vary.
A small boat or bush plane is cheaper to operate than a stonking huge jet aircraft or barge.
Overhead costs are something to consider and make the game more ‘gamey’.

Why do I have to pay an “Escrow” to take a delivery job?
This is for two reasons.
1.) It incentive for the player to deliver the job, or money.
2.) I’m too lazy to code the backend to scan for expired jobs.
3.) You’re a contractor for a no-liability company and pay insurance costs.

How does smuggling / contraband work?
It’s just a REALLY risky job type that will cost you a lot if you don’t deliver.

Meta / Ennui: 

People seriously enjoy running freight around for pretend money?
Yes. There’s an entire gaming market for this kind of thing called ‘simulators’.  People find it relaxing. Not everyone is into combat sims.

How does shipping goods via tiny private planes and boats make economic sense?
Sort of the same way private couriers will deliver amazon prime items or pizza.
Some people are willing to pay the expense to get it delivered to remote locations.

What’s with the cargo manifests being goofy sh*t like “meeroo pelts” and “butthurt ointment”?
It’s a game. The other options would all just be ‘generic freight A’.

Why can we only haul one complete hold worth of something?
Am I really transporting an entire barge load of someone’s panties?
Yes, take joy in the fact that someone is paying you to haul rubber dog crap or gimble locks by the metric ton.

This game acknowledges Teleportation. Why are we physically shipping stuff instead of just teleporting it all?
1.) Because then we wouldn’t have a game.
2.) Per lore, teleporting certain materials can create microscopic cracks and fissures that would reduce the durability and integrity of an item. Also, some materials would need a lot of energy to teleport cleanly.
3.) If a teleport goes wrong it could end up covered in ‘hoochie lint’ from uncleaned teleport conduits.


Why do you need an API script and what is API anyway?
The API allows us to do fun things like actually identify the craft, operate doors, visualize cargo, light the vehicle on fire and other things not possible.
API , or Application Program Interface is a thing that lets your thing talk to other things. or something.

Do you actually move physical cargo around?
No. It’s all virtualized. Vehicles may or may not have static cargo elements that usually do not move.

Why do the vehicles have to be modifiable to be eligible for GTFO?
The API serves a number of functions such as letting us ID the vehicle, operating doors and displayed cargo, and other things.
When we get final code, it will be offered to creators to add to their vehicles in an update.

Can I run jobs in vehicles I don’t own?
Not at the moment.

Can I transfer jobs / cargo between vehicles?
No. (Update: This is planned)

Can I upgrade or augment my vehicle to carry more cargo?

Can I run jobs with fantasy vehicles like space ships or giant Miyazakian insect-buses?
Space Ship support is coming. It may be virtualized in some instances.
Butterfly Buses are okay. Your TARDIS will need to travel like everyone else.