Supported Vehicles

The following vehicles are currently enabled in GTFO

For information on adding vehicles to the list, or if you’re an OEM with no-mod vehicles wanting to be enabled in GTFO, read below.

A Note about Tig Spijkers (S&W) 4-Seat Helicopters
The code is TIGCOPTER. No, they don’t hold more than one another.

Vehicle Name
Aeon Voom C-130 Transport Cargo Plane 5 Pallets C130
Amariah Francis Trawler Large Trawler 20 Crates TRAWLER
Analyse Dean Bandit 25 Tiny Sailboat 8 Packages BNDT25
Analyse Dean Bandit 280 Motorboat 5 Packages BNDT280
Analyse Dean Bandit 380 Speedboat 30 Packages BNDT380
Analyse Dean Bandit 460 AK Motorboat 25 Packages BNDT460
Analyse Dean Bandit 470 Motorboat 15 Packages BNDT470
Analyse Dean Bandit 480D Motorboat 25 Packages BNDT480
Analyse Dean Bandit 50D Small Sailboat 20 Packages BNDT50
Analyse Dean Bandit 55 Small Sailboat 35 Packages BNDT55
Analyse Dean Bandit 570 Motorboat 25 Packages BNDT570
Analyse Dean Bandit 580 Motorboat 20 Packages BNDT580
Analyse Dean Bandit 60 Medium Sailboat 50 Packages BNDT60
Analyse Dean Bandit IF Medium Sailboat 6 Packages BNDTIF
Analyse Dean Bandit Luxe Motor Barge 24 Heavy Crates Built-In
Analyse Dean Boss 225 Motorboat 5 Packages BOSS225
Analyse Dean Dixie Bell Steamboat 192 Barrels Built-In
Analyse Dean HMS Bandit Large Sailboat 200 Crates HMSBNDT
Analyse Dean Mary Celeste Large Sailboat 192 Barrels Built-In
Analyse Dean Sweetpea Small Sailboat 20 Packages SWTPEA
Angus Chrome Velocity Breezy Bush Plane 4 Packages VBREEZY
Angus Chrome Velocity Catawaba Float Small Plane 7 Packages VCATFL
Angus Chrome Velocity Catawba Small Plane 7 Packages VCATW
Angus Chrome Velocity Trike Tiny Plane 1 Package TRIKE
Anyone Generic Train Test Train 8 Crates TRAIN01
Ape Piaggio AD25H LittleBee Boat 15 Packages LILBEE
Ape Piaggio RR39F Orion AutoGyro Small Gyro 3 Packages ORION
BeckHan Ra Trawler Large Trawler 20 Crates TRAWLER
Beth Delaunay AV-5 Spectre VTOL 3 Packages AV5S
bunnys fride YKS-7 Small Plane 20 Packages YKS7
burt.artis Shields Class Small Sailboat 10 Packages SHIELD
Carly Birddawg Bush Plane 5 Packages BDAWG
Carly C-3 Master Small Plane 5 Packages C3MSTR
Carly Porter Bush Plane 30 Packages PORTER
Cat Hunter Hunter AC1 Hovercraft 10 Packages HUNTER
Christi Charron Ju-52 Cargo Plane 10 Crates JU52
Claire Infinity Enterprise Cargo Barge 5 Connex EBARGE
Cubey Terra CTH-200 Small Plane 3 Packages CTH200
Cubey Terra Terra Atom Small Plane 5 Packages TRATOM
Cubey Terra Terra Stingray Small Plane 2 Packages TRSTNGRY
Darsh Lucero DLM RP90 Zenith Bush Plane 5 Packages RP90
Drusilla Saunders Aerohawk Plane 10 Packages AEROHAWK
Drusilla Saunders Aeronca LB Small Plane 3 Packages AERONCA
Drusilla Saunders Baron G58 Plane 5 Packages G58
Drusilla Saunders Citation 560 XL Plane 5 Packages CIT560
Drusilla Saunders Debonair Small Plane 7 Packages DBNR
Drusilla Saunders Electra Large Plane 10 Packages ELECTRA
Drusilla Saunders Electrohawk Small Plane 30 Crates ELECTRO
Drusilla Saunders King Air C90 Plane 30 Crates KAC90
Drusilla Saunders Lyrahawk Small Plane 30 Crates LYRAHAWK
Drusilla Saunders Pacehawk Small Plane 30 Crates PACEHAWK
Drusilla Saunders Skyhawk Small Plane 5 Packages SKYHAWK
Drusilla Saunders Staggerwing Small Plane 8 Packages STAGWING
Drusilla Saunders Starship 2K Large Jet 20 Packages ST2K
Drusilla Saunders Stearman PT-17 Small Biplane 4 Packages PT17
Drusilla Saunders Stinson 108-3 Plane 8 Packages ST1083
Drusilla Saunders Super Bonanza Small Plane 8 Packages V35G
Drusilla Saunders Vega Plane 30 Packages VEGA
Erick Gregan AC560 Plane 20 Packages AC560
Erick Gregan ATX 72 Large Jet 45 Crates ATX72
Erick Gregan C-421 Plane 5 Packages C421
Erick Gregan R-DR400 Small Plane 8 Packages RDR400
Jacqueline Trudeau Trudeau 12m Sailboat 30 Packages TD12M
Jacqueline Trudeau Trudeau 12m Sailboat 50 Packages TNY30
Javatar Mocha BC Duke Plane 15 Packages DUKE
Javatar Mocha BC Duke Float Plane 15 Packages DUKEFLT
Javatar Mocha Diamond Katana Tiny Plane 1 Package DAIKATANA
Javatar Mocha GS 750 BizJet 50 Packates GS750
Javatar Mocha JM Avanti Plane 25 Packages AVANTI
Javatar Mocha Katana Floatplane Tiny Seaplane 1 Package KATFLOAT
Javatar Mocha SeaXwind Seaplane 2 Packages SEAXWIND
Javatar Mocha Socata Floatplane Float Plane 9 Packages SOCATA
Jethro2112 Sands Pride of Baltimore Large Ship 100 Crates JSPRIDE
Jethro2112 Sands Skipjack Katerina Sailboat 60 Packages SKIPJACK
Joe Sparrow Gigant Gigante 5 Packages Built-In
Kain Xenobuilder Cafe del Mar 75 Sailboat 50 Packages CAFE75
Kain Xenobuilder Destino Cruiser 30 Packages DESTINO
Kain Xenobuilder Flying Fish Motorboat 5 Packages FLYFISH
Kain Xenobuilder Ocean Beach Catamaran 35 Packages OBEACH
Kain Xenobuilder Open 70 Sailboat 30 Packages OPEN70
Kain Xenobuilder Pacha 110 Sailboat 50 Packages PACHA
Kain Xenobuilder Pro Classic 550 Motorboat 6 Packages PC550
Kain Xenobuilder Riva Iseo Motorboat 5 Packages RIVAISEO
Kain Xenobuilder Sea Boss Jetski Jetski 1 Package SEABOSS
Kain Xenobuilder Ushuaia Sailboat 40 Packages USHUAIA
Kain Xenobuilder YachtLine 420 Motorboat 6 Packages YL420
Karl Reisman Ju-52 Plane 10 Crates JU52
Karl Reisman JU-52 Float Seaplane 10 Crates JU52FLT
Karl Reisman UH-4 Commuter Small Helo 3 Packages UH4COM
Karlos Antonia Large Sailboat 30 Packages ANTONIA
Katerina Strzelecki HoverTruck HC1 Hovercraft 10 Packages HOVRTRUK
Kelly Shergood Brantly 305 Small Helo 10 Packages BRNT305
Kelly Shergood Brantly B2B Small Helo 10 Packages BRNTB2B
Kelly Shergood EC135 Large Helo 40 Packages EC135
Kelly Shergood Enstrom 280C Small Helo 6 Packages ENS280
Kelly Shergood KS-92 Helicopter Large Helo 24 Packages KS92
Kelly Shergood KS-92 Rear-Ramp Large Helo 24 Packages KS92C
Kelly Shergood KS-94 AirCrane Air Crane 1 Connex KS94
Kelly Shergood KS-94 AirCrane Air Crane 1 Connex SKYCRANE
Kev Barony CRJ-700 Large Jet 20 Crates CRJ700
Kimiko Dover Suncat Houseboat 30 Packages SUNCAT
Mick McKeenan 727-100C Cargo Jet 5 Airboxes 727100C
Mick McKeenan BAE 146 Jet Plane 48 Crates BAE146
Mick McKeenan MA-Dragonfly Plane 20 Packages MADRGN
Moo Spyker Consul Pust Freighter 100 Crates MOOCP
Niki Wilder G-21 Goose Seaplane 9 Crates GOOSE
Niki Wilder H-120 Small Jet 25 Packages H120
Niki Wilder Hellcat Small Plane 5 Packages HELLCAT
Niky Niki Falcon Frigate Large Sailboat 24 Crates NNFALCON
Os Harker Sea Dart Speedboat 5 Packages SEADART
Pier Cukor Clyde Puffer Freighter 10 Heavy Crates CLYDEP
Sal Fireguard AW-315B Lama Large Helo 25 Crages AW315B
Sal Fireguard AWS R-22M2-RFL Small Helo 5 Packages R22M2
Sal Fireguard AWS-300 Small Helo 5 Packages AWS300
Saphyre Cyberstar Blackhawk Large Sailboat 16 Crates BHAWK
Saphyre Cyberstar Portugese Crow Small Sailboat 34 Packages PCROW
Saphyre Cyberstar The Crow Med Sailboat 93 Packages TCROW
Stephanie4867 Alpha Jet Small Jet 1 Package ALPHA
Stephanie4867 C-160 Transport Cargo Plane 5 Pallets C160
Stephanie4867 DHC3-Otter Prop Plane 10 Crates OTTER
Stephanie4867 Zin-550 Tiny Plane 1 Package ZIN550
Sweecahcahche Ah Diesel River Barge Barge 2 Barge Loads RVRBARGE
Sweecahcahche Ah MEDWAY QUEEN Containership 100 Crates MEDWAY
Sweecahcahche Ah MV AFJORD Containership 10 Connex AFJORD
Sweecahcahche Ah Oil Tanker Oil Tanker OILTANK
Sweecahcahche Ah RHIB RHIB Boat 10 Packages RHIB
Sweecahcahche Ah Tugboat Tugboat 10 Crates TUGBOAT
Sylvira Trifan 600 Hoverjet 20 Packages TRIFAN
Tanija Lacrima Colomban Cri-Cri Tiny Plane 1 Package CRICRI
Tanija Lacrima SAI KZ-IV Plane 1 Package KZIV
Tanija Lacrima Tiger Moth Biplane 1 Package TMOTH
Tank Kwaszes Marine Cub Bush Seaplane 8 Packages MARINECUB
Tank Kwaszes Super Cub Bush Plane 8 Packages SUPERCUB
Tig Spijkers Air Tractor Plane 4 Packages AIRTCTR
Tig Spijkers Kamov Cargo Helo 6 Crates KAMOV
Tig Spijkers Marine Beaver Plane 7 Packages WBEAVR
Tig Spijkers MH60 Series Large Helo 40 Packages MH60
Tig Spijkers NH90 Series Large Helo 24 Crates NH90
Tig Spijkers PBY5A Catalina Large Seaplane 40 Crates PBY5A
Tig Spijkers Safe Boat T410 Interceptor Speedboat 20 Packages TST410
Tig Spijkers Sentinal Class Cutter Cutter 100 Crates TSSNTL
Tig Spijkers Spijkers Chopper Small Helo 8 Packages TIGCOPTER
Tig Spijkers Turbo Beaver Plane 7 Packages TBEAVR
Venkellie STFU Train Train 8 Crates STFU
Volchia Ferduccio Feral Crew Transport Transport Boat 40 Packages FMCRWT
Volchia Ferduccio Feral Defender Boat 40 Packages FMDEF
Volchia Ferduccio Feral Firecat Fire Boat 40 Packages FMFIRE
Volchia Ferduccio Feral Harbor Harbor Boat 40 Packages FMHRBR
Volchia Ferduccio Feral Horizon Motorboat 40 Packages FMHRZN
Volchia Ferduccio Feral Prowler Small Boat 6 Packages FMPRWLR
Volchia Ferduccio Feral RB-L Boat 40 Packages FMRBL
Volchia Ferduccio Feral RIB RHIB 3 Packages FMRIB
Volchia Ferduccio Feral Transport Cat Transport Boat 40 Packages FMTCAT
Volchia Ferduccio Feral Whaler Small Boat 40 Packages FMWHLR
Yetius Blimp Large Blimp 20 Packages BLIMP
Yetius Hovercraft Hovercraft 4 Crates HOVER
Yetius Marlin Catamaran 30 Packages MARLIN
Yetius Stalwart Ampbib 30 Packages STOLLY
ZoraSlade Karu PA-38 Tomohawk Small Plane 7 Packages THAWK
ZZ Bottom Adamaster Small Sailboat 10 Packages ADAMASTOR
ZZ Bottom Gazzela Large Sailboat 30 Crates GAZZELA
ZZ Bottom Goat Skiff Small Sailboat 5 Packages GOATSKIFF
ZZ Bottom Narrowboat Motorboat 40 Packages NARROW
ZZ Bottom Needlefish Large Sailboat 60 Crates NEEDLEFISH
ZZ Bottom O Bacalhau Motorboat 4 Crates OBACAL
ZZ Bottom Outward Large Sailboat 20 Packages OUTWARD
ZZ Bottom TEMERAIRE Large Sailboat 60 Crates TEMERAIRE
ZZ Bottom The Junk Junk Sailboat 25 Crates THEJUNK
ZZ Bottom The Tomato Small Sailboat 20 Packages TOMATO
ZZ Bottom Tridente Z Large Sailboat 30 Packages TRIDENTZ

*Some vehicles were added without checking to make sure they are, in fact, modifiable. If so, my bad!
** We are still fiddling with numbers so they might not always match the live in-game values.
*** We have not manully mesured every vehicle, many were eyeballed from in-game or marketplace and may be in the wrong size class.
**** Size classes are kind of vague anyway, we only really worry about people trying to land 7x7s on dirt strips meant for Cubs or Maersk-class ships in a sailboat slip.

How to get your vehicle enabled

In order for a vehicle to use GTFO, it has to be whitelisted, and it needs to carry an API script.
If your vehicle is modifiable and original content, bring it to Rez Gray for evaluation!
If you created the vehicle and it’s no-mod, bring it to Rez Gray for eval and help with API integration.

Requirements For GTFO! Approval
We’re not super-strict, but we have some requirements, little things, for our sanity.

  • Vehicle must be functional and¬†available for general sale.
    The vehicle must be listed in a vendor or marketplace, or in development for sale.
    By ‘functional’, we mean drivable and able to cross sim boundaries and arrives in roughly the same number of peices.
  • Vehicle needs to be MOD, unless you’re the creator submitting your vehicle for release or update
    If you’re not sure, try creating a new script in it’s inventory, if that doesn’t work, it’s not mod.
  • Vehicles should scale to fit reasonable expectations for airports and docks
    So no Antonov 225s, or Maersk Triple-E sized ships.
  • Vehicle must be an original asset made for SecondLife.
    Vehicles ripped from video games, simulators, or downloaded from forums or warehouse sites against license will not be considered.
    There’s some politics here, but some legal conflict of interest issues with one of Rez’s RL jobs.
  • Vehicle should probably look like it can carry at least one dufflebag,
    This is open to interpretation. But you don’t usually deliver packages with unicycles.
    The smallest cargo capacity is One (1) Freight Unit. Equivalent to a large duffle bag.
    If your vehicle has a spare seat or three, you can probably haul some stuff!