Post-Launch Update – Q3 2017

There are new, cargo-centric boats coming form Bandit and Feral Marine.
In preparation for these large watercraft, GTFO! is finally getting working docking structures!

New Features in June 2017

  • Farther Hub Connections!
    You will now be able to make longer trips (where applicable) with a more efficient connection menu.
  • Better support for large boats
    In some cases by the time the ship is done loading, the job is late. We’ve fixed this!
  • Working Docking Facilities (where available)
    Pull your boat up to a GTFO! docking area and your ship will park alongside it for cargo operations.
    (This will require the June version of the API script)
  • Shorter load times for high-capacity vehicles.
    Previously you might wait up to ten minutes for your huge boat to load cargo, this is being shortened.
  • Per-Area Cargoes
    Cargo will slowly be less homogenized and assigned to specific hubs.